How to Join

EGA has several membership categories:

  • Primary Member You are a member of only one chapter.
  • Plural Member You are a primary member of one chapter, but also belong to one or more additional chapters.
  • Life Member Life members pay a one-time, lump sum to EGA for lifetime membership in the national organization, but pay chapter and region dues each year. Life members can be primary or plural members of CyberStitchers.
  • Member-At-Large (MAL) You are a member of EGA at the national level only and pay dues directly to the national organization each year. As an MAL, you have no chapter affiliation. If you join CyberStitchers (or any other chapter) you will no longer be an MAL.

Postage for the EGA quarterly magazine, Needle Arts, is included in the dues for United States residents. Members who reside outside the United States must pay an additional postage fee in addition to the dues. The fee is $8 for residents of Canada, or $24 for residents of other countries or regions.

Renew your Membership

Beginning April 1, 2024, EGA has change how members renew membership to EGA and Cyberstitchers.

We recommend that all members log in to EGA and renew their membership directly from their profile.

Guest Membership

If you’re not sure you want to join CyberStitchers, email the membership chair to request a 30-day guest membership before you join.


For Plural or Life Memberships only: You can pay via PayPal (using your PayPal account or a credit card), or you can mail us a check.

Special notice for check payments: If you choose to pay by check and reside outside the United States, there’s an additional $35 fee to process your payment. This is charged by banks in the United States for the chapter to deposit your check and receive those funds. The chapter cannot absorb that cost, so we must pass it on to the member. We strongly recommend that members outside the United States pay all fees for dues or classes via PayPal to avoid the additional $35 fee for each check.

Getting Started

After your information and dues have been received, our membership chair will send you an email. Follow the instructions in the email to join our group where we conduct all our activities (such as member chat, meetings, and education events).