In addition to our bimonthly meetings, CyberStitchers offers several types of educational opportunities for its membership.

  • President’s Challenge: The CyberStitchers president issues an annual challenge to the membership. The theme is announced in January and always is a surprise. It could be anything—maybe a challenge to inspire you to work on your pile of unfinished projects (aka UFOs), to try a new technique, or to stitch more every day.
  • Big Education Event (BEE): Each year CyberStitchers sponsors an EGA Group Correspondence Course (GCC). In the spring, members vote on which GCC to offer, and the course begins during the summer. Members can sign up for one BEE course each year for just the cost of the text, kit, and shipping. This is an awesome membership perk—usually you also have to pay an additional amount for the teaching fee.
  • Meeting programs: Meetings sometimes offer a program, such as an EGA Petit Project, a show and tell, a stitch-along (SAL), or other small projects.
  • Online classes: Opportunities to take classes with well-known embroidery designers. The classes are held over a period of several weeks and include online interaction with the instructor, instructional materials, and photos.

Educational activities for 2020

President’s challenge

The 2020 challenge is to complete a mystery sampler of your own design with 12 stitched areas based on clues provided monthly by the president.

Round robin

Ten of our members are participating in a round robin group stitching experience that started in January 2020. In a round robin, each person in the group stitches an area on each of the other group members’ pieces. To get started, each stitcher decides on a theme for their piece, sections off the fabric into different areas, stitches the first area on the piece, and then mails the piece to the next stitcher. The pieces make their way around the whole group, with each person in turn adding a new area to the piece. By the end of the round robin, the completed piece ends up with its owner.

BEE 2020–2021

For the 2020–2021 Big Education Event (BEE), CyberStitchers plans to sponsor several EGA group correspondence courses.

You must be a member of CyberStitchers to participate in the BEE. Members can register for the BEE in our chat group. If you have any questions about the BEE classes, email our education chair.

The BEE will be presented in two sessions. For the first session, with classes starting in August 2020, the classes offered are The Princess and The Pea and Keeping in Shape. For the second session, with classes starting in January 2021, the classes offered are Mythical Myrtle and English Summer.

Registration for the first session closes June 30, 2020.

Registration for the second session will start in Fall 2020.

The Princess and the Pea with Marion Scoular

The Princess and the Pea by Marion Scoular

Blackwork is the most creative, restricted embroidery that you can stitch… restricted only by the count of your fabric. There are endless patterns from which to choose.

Teacher Marion Scoular’s interpretation of the beloved fairy tale includes pattern darning, Blackwork, Hardanger (no cutting!) and a small amount of surface stitchery, all explicitly covered in a 26-page, well-illustrated booklet. To ensure accuracy, the teacher will be supplying the imprinted fabric, with no creases, in a roll.

For detailed information about the course, see

This class will start in August 2020. Registration closes on June 30, 2020.

Keeping in Shape with Gwen Nelson

Keeping in Shape by Gwen Nelson

Create a beautiful beaded necklace using various techniques to make geometric shapes.

Among the techniques are circular and flat peyote to make some of the pieces. You’ll also use the herringbone stitch to shape other pieces. Some of the pieces include a combination of beading techniques. The finished necklace includes an assortment of triangles, circles, rectangular solids, cylinders, and cubes. The strap is a spiral rope of seed beads and Swarovski crystals. Embellishments include Swarovski crystals and rondelles.

For detailed information about the course, see

This class will start in August 2020. Registration closes on June 30, 2020.

Mythical Myrtle with Barbara Kershaw

Mythical Myrtle by Barbara Kershaw

Casalguidi is a beautiful form of whitework named after the village of Casalguidi near Pistoia in Tuscany where it originated. Sometimes called linen-work, Casalguidi is a unique style of raised embroidery traditionally worked on a background of four-sided stitch.

For detailed information about the course, see

Tentative start date for this class is January 2021.

English Summer with Cheryl Sharp

English Summer by Cheryl Sharp

Perfect your skills while stitching a stunning interlaced heart featuring ripe strawberries and a Tudor rose.

This course provides a lesson on how to prepare the fabric, transfer designs, and set up an embroidery on stretcher bars. Learn how to use variegated hand-dyed threads and try silk, cotton, and metallic threads while stitching the basic surface stitches. Beads will add some sparkle to your embroidery.

For detailed information about the course, see

Tentative start date for this class is January 2021.

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