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CyberStitchers president interviewed on Fiber Talk

CyberStitchers members were excited to learn that Jo Ann was invited to be interviewed on Fiber Talk, the premier podcast for fiber art hobbyists hosted by Gary Parr. The podcast, released today, is available on your favorite podcast app. You can also listen on the web at the Fiber Talk website, or on the Fiber Talk YouTube channel.

Here’s Gary’s description of the interview:

In this week’s show, sponsored by the EGA, we talk with Cyberstitchers President Jo Ann Jackson and learn about the organization’s functions, programs, membership flexibility, and how it works with the EGA. Throughout the discussion you’ll pick up some great ideas for projects and ongoing activities you can do in your local chapters and/or with local stitching groups. Whether you’re a member of a local EGA chapter, consider joining Cyberstitchers and, along with it, EGA. The programs will add a new level of interest and fun to your stitching activities.