Christmas Gift

Hi all,
I received an email form Ilse Altherr, the designer of GCCs such as Swiss Sampler, Morning Glories, and Ikebana, regarding how many of her GCCs CyberStitchers has participated in. As a thank you, she sent us a design that is just for CyberStitchers members! I'm pasting in her message below:

Hello Anne,
I did a little counting and happily noticed that Cyberstitchers will have enrolled in 10 of my courses after the Swiss Sampler you told me will be coming yet this year. I want to reciprocate a bit and, while wishing all of you a very happy Holiday, I am sending you a little gift to be reproduced with needle and thread only by all the members of Cyberstitchers . It can easily be counted right from the linen. If the golden stars and the tiny waffle stitches need a graph, I am happy to make one. The gold beads were attached after the tree was completed. My suggestion is to stitch the green cross stitches first, then the stars will easily fit in the vacant areas.

Best wishes to all.

I have uploaded the photo and instructions to stitch this gift. You will find them in the cyberstitchers_ega yahoogroup, in Files, and in the Folder named Ilse's Christmas Gift. Please note: she only wants this design to be stitched by CyberStitchers members; please honor her request and do not share the design outside the chapter. If you would like to say thank you to Ilse, her email address is:

Anne Long
Education chair, CyberStitchers