President's Letter

Hello all-
As some of you know, I am moving in just over a month.  Change is something I have grown used to, and it can be mind focussing.  For example, right now I am separating out my things into items I want to take with me on my three months in the US and then on to Kosovo, things I won't see until the new year, and things that will follow me to the US and then on to Kosovo - or possibly sell in the US.  It shows me which things are most important to me.  I do have a fourth pile of stuff to give away too.  
I am looking at my stitching in this, too.  What do I want to work on while I'm traveling?  What can I work on while I don't have my own place?  How can I resist buying more stuff while I'm in the US to avoid getting more stuff to sort through in four years?  All these questions swirl in my mind, and I am still working on my ornament donations!  
Since I have so many pieces already stitched, I merely had to find something to match the autumn theme and make it into an ornament.  It's going in the mail next week, completed.  Moving and change means finishing things off, too.  That is one item that makes me feel good about moving.
I hope that all of you are finishing things and making plans and looking ahead to what you take with you or do while you're on holiday or moving or traveling for work.  Remember to stitch in public, too!  The hotel's lobby is probably better lit than your room.  
Before you go, drop an item into the mail for the ornament donations.  They're appreciated and the membership voted to support these causes.
Meg in Angola for a short while longer