Chapter Projects:
Breast Cancer Ornaments:

I have uploaded the ornaments for the Breast Cancer Auction and for the exchange. Only one member took part in the auction and not the exchange and that was Rhea Stewart. Said she had no room for more ornaments and sent me pictures to prove it! Seven of us took part in the auction with multiple ornaments from some people for a total of 13 ornaments. 

Have not had a chance to find out how much the auction made. Maybe at my local ANG meeting on Weds. my friend from The Attic will be there. She makes at least 50 ornaments every year and is a breast cancer survivor. 

Happy holidays to all of you. Hope everyone has things to make the holidays bright and cheerful. I am expecting both my kids so will have a houseful. 


Kissing Pillows:
We will continue to make and send Kissing Pillows to Meg's mother-in-law at Barksdale AFB: 

Betsy Welch 
5931 Dillingham 
Shreveport, LA 71106 

I have not received any reports from members on Outreach activities. Please share if you have any.

Bonnie Herrmann 


National Outreach Project:

EGA President, Leslie Gagliardi, has selected a project supporting Alzheimer's research. Directions for these four beautiful projects are included and emailed to you as .pdf files.  All proceeds support research for Alzheimer's Disease. The cost of the instructions is $30. Order these lovely projects today in the EGA online store!

Order Project...