Breast Cancer Research Ornaments:
For the last few years we have participated in an auction run by The Attic in Mesa, AZ.  Our own Karen has acted as a go between for the chapter to The Attic.  This year we sent a nice group of ornaments this year.  Go to the photo albums over on chat to see photos of the ornaments our members sent.
   Sadly, while this event has raised thousands of dollars each year for Breast Cancer research, this is the last year The Attic is organizing this.  Let's have a round of applause for the folks at The Attic who put in a lot of hours of hard work organizing this event all these years!! Well done!

Outreach projects are complete for this year. It was suggested that we start working on ideas earlier in the new year.  Bonnie is stepping down at Outreach Chair and we thank her for all her efforts!!