The Outreach Committee helps find stitching projects to do for charities, and offers them to the Chapter for member participation. What are the benefits of using your needlework skills in outreach?  Giving a little of yourself and your stitching may make someone else’s life a little brighter.  Also, it spreads the word about our organization and creates interest in our needlework pursuits.

Soldier Kissing Pillows:  We have a need for Soldier Kissing Pillows! Our President Meg’s mother-in-law works with airman’s aid at Barksdale AFB and she says they are deploying a lot of people. Your stitched pillow tops or completed pillows may be mailed to:

Betsy Welch 

5931 Dillingham 

Shreveport, LA 71106 

Pattern and instructions are located in the Outreach folder at the link below: 



Outreach for One:  If you would like to participate individually in an outreach project, see our “Outreach for One” booklet in the Outreach folder at the link above.  There you will find information on various projects involving stitching, beading, quilting, knitting, crocheting and sewing for others.

Ornaments for National Seminar Auction:
At this year's National Seminar in Asheville, we will be offering ornaments with the themes of:

The ornaments will be displayed on and auctioned with a handmade 24-inch "dowel" tree (something that will be disassembled for shipping and reassembled in Asheville and disassembled to travel to its new home).  I am hopeful that we will have enough ornaments so that the recipient could remove those ornaments specifically for Halloween and still keep the tree up through the rest of the Autumn season.

I must have your finished ornaments no later than August 1, 2017.  

Please do your very best stitching and finishing.

If you need ideas, I have posted a file in the Chat4 files section.  Click here to go directly there.

We have lots of members who are very talented.  We should be able to send them something that will bring in the money for EGA.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ornaments for Breast Cancer:

    Karen is planning to take ornaments for Breast Cancer Research Fund again.  The Attic Needlework in Mesa, AZ runs an annual Breast Cancer auction fundraiser.  Handstitched items, mostly ornaments, are auctioned off and the proceeds are donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  The Attic auction has been averaging over $20,000 annually for this important fundraiser.
    CyberStitchers has been encouraging its members to make one ornament each year - there are enough of us to make a nice contribution.  Karen will collect the ornaments and deliver them to The Attic.  She generally needs your ornaments by the end of October.

Please share ideas you have for outreach – group or “for one” projects – and let me know about your outreach participation so that it may be reported to the region.

Bonnie Herrmann

Outreach Committee