National/Regional/Chapter News:

Currently, we have 243 members in CyberStitchers.

Who's Who for Cyberstitchers with their CyberStitchers emails:

Kathie Morrison may be reached at
Meg Welch at
Kelly Jackson at and
Susan McAndrew at
Demaris Burleson at
Sue Sherburne at and
Ellen Sedlak at
Meg Welch at
Lynn Burshtin at
Rissa Peace Root at
Karen Willett at
Kathie Morrison at
Anne Wilson, CyberPins CyberPins

Payments to the Chapter:

Most payments can now be done through our website. You can pay your dues, register for your BEEs classes, etc. Anyone mailing a check for whatever purpose, PLEASE include your name and EGA # on the memo line for checks, or in the Notes section for PayPal. With our large membership it will make life a LOT easier on any of our volunteers that need to handle payments.

Once again, we are rapidly approaching our membership renewal deadline (April 30th for CS), so please be mindful of that. The National deadline is May 31st, but as we have learned, the CyberStitchers deadline needs to be somewhat earlier, to allow time for all that we need to do before National's deadline. While we are able to do nearly everything between members and our chapter online, this is not the case between the chapter and Region/National. Everything we do with them must be done by snail-mailed hard copies, and our earlier deadline gives us more time to accomplish this.

Our website turns 1 year old this month <g>, and as you know, we can now process all your payments through the shopping cart there. As you are already aware, National raised their dues for this year. The chapter, unfortunately, cannot absorb the increase so Primary members of CS will see dues increase by $2 to $52 for the coming year. All other membership levels will remain the same as they were last year.

We have 3 payment methods you can use - check, PayPal, and debit/credit card. EVERY dues payment will have to be entered on the website, even if you're paying by check. While you will still physically MAIL a check to our p.o. box, you will have to indicate your payment through the website so we can 'process' it. This is mostly for record-keeping purposes, but it is vital that you follow the proper procedure so we can account for every member of our chapter. For those of you who will use a credit/debit card for your dues, please note that the card will be processed through PayPal so it may show up as such on your statement. Payment through the website's shopping cart (or "Store") will generate a receipt for you, so that meets a request that several have had in previous years. It was too cumbersome in the past to issue a receipt to every person who joined or renewed with us, but the site will automatically generate one for you now. Paying through the site is an easy process, but again, if you have questions I will be happy to answer them.

Dues for the 2013-2014 EGA year are as follows:
Primary members of CyberStitchers: $52
Plural members of CS (with the primary chapter being within TVR): $10
Plural members of CS (with the primary chapter being outside TVR): $13
Life Member (inside TVR): $10 (this covers Regional and Chapter dues, as your dues to National are paid forever)
Life Member (outside TVR): $13 (this covers Regional and Chapter dues, as your dues to National are paid forever)

Payment deadline: April 30th, 2013

To pay your dues, you must use the new website's Store. For those paying by
check, you still have to use the Store feature on the site, but you will
snail-mail your check to the following address:

Send your check, made payable to CyberStitchers, to:

P.O. Box 3972
Edmond, OK 73083

When you use the site to indicate your payment, please be SURE to write your EGA # in the Comment section. We very strongly recommend any members OUTSIDE the U.S. use PayPal or a credit/debit card to pay your dues rather than a check, to avoid rather expensive bank fees.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at

Kelly Jackson
Membership Chair
CyberStitchers EGA
Proud Marine Mom of OEF Veteran
Edmond, OK

Chapter Pins:

Cyberstitchers is lucky to have our own Chapter Pin! You can see a picture of what this pin looks like in the files section of this yahoo group. Just go to the file section and look for "cyberstitchers pin". They really are a fun to wear especially when you are attending the National and Regional EGA Seminars.

These pins are $7.00 and that includes the postage regardless of where we are mailing.

If you are interested, you can pay via paying Just be sure to identify "Chapter Pin" somewhere in the payment information. You can also send a check to me, payable to Cyberstitchers, just email me for my mailing address. Regardless, of how you purchase one, please email me (click on my name below) and give me YOUR mailing address and that you are wanting to purchase a chapter pin. As soon as I see payment, I will get your pin out to you.

Anne Wilson, CyberPins
Chapter Pin volunteer

Special Interest Groups:
SIGs are Special Interest Groups and we have a lot of them and more coming all the time. Here are the ones we have at present that you are welcome to join. Feel free to check them out and join the ones that interest you. Remember, they are only as active as the members make them. Talk, visit, stitch but don't just lurk. That is not fun for anyone! PLEASE LEAVE YOUR NAME WHEN YOU ASK TO JOIN as it is easier for all of us to check your membership that way. Searching on email addresses is not always possible and frequently frustrating and often gets members rejected for no reason except "not found in database." (for designers only) - will be moving to the website soon - will be moving to the website soon

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. If I don't have the answer, someone else here probably will. These groups are only as exciting as the members who join them make them. If you don't participate, then you won't enjoy much of the experience. We learn by doing and teaching so ask the questions and do the projects or just collect them for a rainy day when you run out of things to do and we will all have fuller lives.

SIGs Chair

Sunshine Committee:

Important request! We need members to go to the Members files in the cyberstitchers-ega group and either create or update their profile in the membership directory for the sunshine committee.

Here are several announcements made at SAS in case you missed them:

We have a full schedule for Share-a-stitch seminars out to 2015 already with hotel contracts. At Louisville, next year Mary Lou Able is chairman for our celebration on Wednesday, October 9, 6-8 pm. At the banquet, Sue Fullgraf invited us to Knoxville on June 26-29, 2014 for a “Foothills Fantasy”. Her Co-chairman is Cathy Elliott who you may know from past seminars. The logo is a cantilever barn, a unique historical feature of East Tennessee. You will be able to pre-register for the Knoxville Share-a-Stitch 34 at National Seminar in Louisville. In 2015, we will be returning to the Memphis area for Share-a-Stitch 35 to be held June 25-28, 2015, to the Whispering Oaks Conference Center in Olive Branch, Mississippi.


EGA National Headquarters:

The mailing address for EGA Headquarters is 1355 Bardstown Road, Suite 157, Louisville, KY 40204.  The physical address for HQ is located at The Pointe, 2105 East Washington, #117, Louisville, KY 40206. If someone wishes to visit Louisville to exhibits, they need to go to the East Washington address.

National Website:

Each member now has a unique USER ID and password. This will allow EGA to offer online classes and other member specific content. To login:

User ID is your membership ID #
Temporary password is WEareEGA (case sensitive)

The Members Only area has a discussion group, a great notebook section to overview threads and fabric, pictures of petite projects, a place to update your own profile, form guides and manuals, Board minutes, and info on Outreach programs.

We understand some people are still having issues logging in to the EGA Website. After you click on the Login button in the upper right-hand corner of the site, your membership id number is your username and the password is the one that has been traditionally used by EGA. If you are unsure of what it is, it appears on page 2 of the latest Needle Arts.

EGA Gold Thread Award

Is there someone in your Chapter or Region who has gone above and beyond? Take a few minutes and nominate them for one of the 2013 Gold Thread Awards! The deadline is May 1 so time is running out!


The Gold Thread awards recognize outstanding individuals who have given freely of their time and talents, and best exemplify EGA's purpose. A total of 13 individuals may be acknowledged - one of each region, with a national recipient selected from among the region recipients. The online application can be found here!


Seminar 2013 International Teacher Tour


For the latest information on Seminar 2013's International Teacher Tour (Triple Crown),  featuring please click here!

You will find photos and descriptions of classes, dates and locations for Gary Clarke, Barbara Kershaw, and Jane Nicholas.

A big thanks to the chapters and regions that are hosting the venues!

Jenna McClooney
Seminar 2013 Dean of Faculty


Seminar 2014
Dreams and Legends

EGA National Seminar sponsored by the Pacific Southwest Region
Pointe Hilton
Squaw Peak Resort

7677 North 16th Street
Phoenix, AZ

Sales continue of charms and magnets honoring needleart "legends" and 2 different purse hangers featuring beautiful stitched designs. See pictures and ordering information on the EGA website by clicking here.


Contemporary Blackwork Exhibition at Headquarters


Contemporary Blackwork is an exhibition of more than 20 pieces on display at EGA Headquarters through June. Members of EGA and related embroidery groups from around the world were invited to submit new work of a freer style than classic blackwork. Guest curators Ann Erdmann, Carole Rinard, and Shirley Kay Wolfersperger chose the pieces that would ultimately comprise the exhibition. The show features a wide variety of artistic approaches and subject matter; there are portraits, landscapes, three-dimensional items and more, some in color, some black on white. Artists from as far away as New Zealand are represented.

EGA Headquarters is open Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 nd is located at The Pointe, 1205 E. Washington, #117, Louisville, KY 40206


Jan Jellins Embroidery Exhibit presented by the

Long Beach Chapter


Jan Jellins of San Pedro, California took simple embroidery cotton and made such realistic, three-dimensional portraits and landscapes that she called her work "thread painting." Each of her paintings took an average of seven to nine months to complete.


FREE Exhibition sponsored by
Long Beach Chapter of the Embroiderers' Guild of America

California Heights United Methodist Church

3759 Orange Avenue, Long Beach, CA

Friday, May 24, 2013 - 11am to 2pm

 GCC Lightning Rounds 

The latest BIG news in the GCC Program is the introduction of “The GCC Lightning Rounds”! These are four rotating courses that are offered quarterly for all EGA members to register for without a group. This is particularly favorable for Members-At-Large and small EGA chapters that have difficulty filling a larger group in order to take a Group Correspondence Course. “The GCC Lightning Rounds” will include four courses every three months. The schedule for these quarterly courses is as follows: March to May, June to August, September to November, and December to February. The time to complete your course remains the same – just the window for registration is limited. Generally there will be four courses available each quarter, however look for "Bonus Rounds" to be added some quarters and the newest twist in the GCC Program - "Flashback Lightning Rounds"! Look for courses that you may have seen before coming back for a limited time.

The following group courses now open to individuals at the special rate of $30 plus text fee:

Registration is as easy as filling out the form from the EGA website or in Inside EGA, writing a check, and mailing both into EGA national.
Checks are made payable to EGA and mailed to to EGA, 1355 Bardstown Road, Suite 157, Louisville, KY 40204. This amount includes text, teaching fee, administrative expenses, and shipping. Online registration with a credit card is also available on the EGA Group Correspondence Course page of the EGA website.

Don't delay - sign up now!
Sandie Cormaci-Boles GCC Chair
Carol Wood GCC Development Assistant

Coming this Fall!

The 20th National Exhibit Call to Stitchers

From the EGA National Exhibits Manual:

"The Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc. acknowledges the value of needlework in art and history. Its national exhibit, Through the Needle's Eye, is a representative selection of the best in artistic and technical works, embracing both traditional and contemporary needlework while expanding the perception of embroidery as an art form."

This is your opportunity, because you always said;

"Someday I will....
Create an original design
Challenge myself
Show my work to someone beyond my family"

So, while you enjoy your summer break, keep a camera or sketchpad close to hand and find your inspiration. Free your imagination and open your mind because this is your time to shine.

The 20th National Exhibit debuts April 2014.

emails: &