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Flyer for get together in Illiniois

Hi everyone,
We have a fun idea for the July meeting and everyone is invited to participate. We will be celebrating CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!
There is a new petite project available on the EGA website (Elegant Holiday Tree) and Mary Waldsmith, the designer, is going to lead us in stitching this during the meeting. She will be joining the chat list for the duration of the project and will be available to answer questions and help people stitch the design.
The instructions are available on the members only section of the EGA website under Petite Projects, but I have also saved them to the file section of the chat group on io. I also added a sheet of alternatives for colors, suggestions and ideas to adapt, etc. that Mary provided for us. Go to the files section and click on the Elegant Holiday Tree folder to download both files. Please take the next couple of weeks before the meeting to collect your supplies and decide what you want to do so you are ready when the meeting begins.
This is a very simple project that can be stitched quickly so I'd like to encourage everyone to make at least one that can be donated for the Outreach program coming up. You might even be able to find a way to make it fit the autumn theme for EGA donation at seminar and stitch two. If anyone has an idea feel free to share it with us.
Another fun thing we will be doing is an ornament swap. Anyone who would like to participate can sign up and will be assigned a partner, you will stitch one and mail it to your partner. You will receive one as well.
I know a lot of face to face chapters have a small project they stitch as a group during the meeting and I would love it if this could become a regular part of our meeting. If anyone would like to volunteer to lead one for the September meeting, or beyond, let the education committee now. You don't necessarily need to be an expert stitcher to lead one. Just take responsibility for selecting the project and making sure we have the instructions and information necessary a couple of weeks before the meeting so everyone can collect the supplies. There are several fun Petite Projects on the EGA website, also we could do one of Meg's Little Extras from a previous meetings. And, of course, there are quite a few small projects available for free on various websites online.
Have fun and keep stitching,