Of Interest

   It had to happen.  First we had adult coloring books, so why not take some of those intense designs and translate them into embroidery.  Zenbroidery, the art of free-form stiching.  Typically these designs consist of a design printed with black ink on white fabric.  If you Google Zenbroidery, oodles of images pop up!
   Kits can be purchased from Amazon, Etsy, Blitsy, even Wal-Mart.  I found one site, Design Works, www.dwcrafts.com, that has kits available.  Their kits appear to consist of the printed design, a needle, and a guide to free form stitching.
   Once you have the printed design, the sky is the limit.  We have so many fibers available to us in oodles of colors.  We have many stitches to pick from.  Here you are looking at surface embroidery and crewel type stitches.  I saw a lot of stem stitches, straight stitches, chain stitches, french knots, and satin stitches filling in the various areas of the designs.  There appears to be a nice selection of floral, faces, mandelas - whatever intricate doodles you can imagine.

(P.S. - I apologize I left links to pictures below instead of the pictures, but the darn code isn't working for me today!)