Education Report:

This year we are welcoming three new members to our committee. They are Virginie Cornaglia, Angela Farrington, and Alexandra Fagelson.

GCC BEEs - The voting for the 2013 BEEs will start at the March 14th meeting and will continue until the end of March. The two-month delay will not delay the start of the classes. National now has five of the six new courses this year up on their website.  The one still not up is Whitework Iris by Mona Hill. The payment for the classes will be set to start in mid-April just like last year and you can pay for them as soon as your membership dues have been paid. The selected courses will need to have at least 10 votes to be chosen as a BEE. The courses can be seen at:

GCC Pilot Stitching Program - The Group Pilot Stitching Program was discontinued last April. The Individual Pilot Program is looking for new stitchers that have not previously participated in the Pilot Stitching Program. For those of you who have already participated in a Pilot Program I was told there is a very long wait to be able to do another one because they want to get more new stitchers involved in the program. Contact Carol at and ask for an application.

UFO Challenge - Cindy is in charge of this challenge. There will be several drawings at the end so let's get started. It's easy! By the way, a UFO is a project with at least one stitch in it. Finished is defined as completing the stitching. The item does not have to be framed, sewn,
mounted, etc., to be considered finished. Here's how you do it:

First, go through your UFOs and select those that you would like to enter into the challenge. Be realistic about what you can finish, but also stretch yourself a bit!

Second, list the UFOs you plan to finish in the database in the Chat4CyberStitchers group. The database is called "UFOs - 2013." List your name, then up to 5 UFOs. Create a second entry in the database if you are courageous enough to include more than 5 projects! See my sample entry in the database, with my name listed as "Cindy in Maryland - Test." You will also use this listing to update those projects that you have finished. See my example in the database, project #4, "Netty's Sampler."

Third, post a message in Chat4CyberStitchers to tell us about the UFOs on your list. Why did you choose these projects? Describe the designs,
techniques, fabrics, fibers, embellishments - anything you want us to know about your projects.

Fourth, post a photo of the UFO in its current state. Use the photo album called "UFOs - 2013" in the Chat4CyberStitchers group. Label the photo starting with "UFOs-2013," followed by your name and the name of the item. You will use this folder to post progress photos, if you wish, and to post a photo of the finished item. I added a photo of Netty's Sampler to the folder as an example.

Fifth, stitch away! Don't forget to update the photo album with pictures of your project along the way and when it is completed, and add the word "FINISHED" next to the project's name in the database.

Stitching Buddies - Meg was in charge of the Stitching Buddies and has paired up 26 members who signed up for Stitching Buddies at the January meeting.

Show and Tell - An album "2013 Jan/Feb Show & Tell" has been set up in the Chat4CyberStitchers group for members to post their finishes for the next meeting which will be in March. We hope all members will try to post a finish or even show their progress on a larger project each month. Comments can be made at

Special Teacher Classes - We are using all the teacher suggestions that have been giving us as well as those listed on the surveys and will be ready to report back on these classes at the March meeting, so thanks for all the teacher suggestions.

CS Own Projects - Meg is in charge of CS Own Projects SIG and a new for March is out now, but we are still looking for additional projects from our members. This is your chance to try designing a small project. Contact Meg to find out what is involved in submitting a project. The March project is a smocked egg designed by Ellen Sedlak. If you have not tried smocking this is your chance.

Member Surveys - Julie has set up a database survey and if you have not filled out a member education survey there still is time. We will be
leaving it up so our new members can also have the opportunity to fill it out. So far we have received 108 completed surveys and will soon compiling the information from them. The survey link is:

Volunteers are needed - Education is a big part of CyberStitchers and we are always looking for new volunteers.

EGA website offerings - EGA is offering group courses to individuals on their website These courses are being offered for $30 plus the text fee and you can sign up for them through February 2013. The classes are Temari 1 by Barb Suess, Taming the Stash Monster by Laura Smith, Plum Blossoms by Lois Kershner, and Dresden Garden by Jane Ellen Balzuweit.

The March through May courses are Brazilian Embroidery Purse by Ganet Burr, Basic Teneriffe by Jonalene Gutwein, Hummingbird and Honeysuckle by Luan Callery, and How Does Your Garden Grow by Carol Currier.

Respectively submitted by the Education Committee,

Ellen Sedlak, Chair
Meg Welch
Julie Baumler
Virginie Cornaglia
Alexandra Fagelson
Angela Farrington
Ellen Hartman
Cindy Steinhoff