BEE 2016:
We have received all the payments from those who registered for BEE's earlier this year and the paperwork is completed. Our basket for the silent auction at the TVR retreat last weekend included a free year's plural membership and the winner is planning on taking White Iris. We'll be sending the paperwork to national as soon as I have her information so anyone still thinking about a class has until then to let me know. There are still a few spots in all the classes so make sure you take a look, especially any new members who've joined in the last couple of weeks.

Special Class Whirlgig by Terry Dryden:
The store is officially open for the special class on color theory with Terry Dryden. The cost for the Whirlygig class is $50 and the kit is $132 plus shipping. I know we had initially said the kit was optional, but Terry has since decided to make it required. We are doing something extra with this class we hope will bring more participation and maybe even a few new members. The class will be offered exclusively to chapter members until July 15th and then we will open up any remaining slots to other EGA members. The class has a maximum size of 36 so there is plenty of room. To register and pay for the course go to the store tab on the chapter website and click on items.

  • The payment for Whirlygig is open for members only until July 15th and then it will be opened to other EGA members
  • The class will run from October 1 to November 15
  • There was a issue with the item in the store and shipping was appearing twice; a couple of people didn't catch that and overpaid; I'll be emailing you individually

To register

  1. Go to the chapter website (
  2. Click on the store tab
  3. Click on items
  4. Click on Whirlygig and follow the instructions on the screen to register and checkout

Petite Projects:
Follow the link on our website to a large selection of Petite Projects provided by National.  We also have our own created b members, Little Extras.

Future Plans:

Based on the survey in the spring, the committee has been speaking with the suggested instructors.  Some indicated they were not interested in teaching online. The committee is also working to put together a calendar up to a year in advance so people can budget and plan a little better.  Some smaller and/or less expensive classes will be include in the future; just remember that there are fewer options available to us for these.

Caulfield Design:
anyone begun on the Florence Caulfield designs voted on at the last meeting? We'd love to hear about your progress and see some pictures.

Are you interested in helping out with the education committee; we could use some volunteers. Send me an email if you would like to help plan future events and classes.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Education Chair


Lightening Rounds:

In addition to our own BEE offerings, National has Lightening Rounds. These are four rotating courses that are offered quarterly for all members to register for without a group. This is particularly favorable for Members-At-Large and small chapters that have difficulty filling a larger group in order to take a Group Correspondence Course. The GCCLightning Rounds include four courses every three months. The schedule for these quarterly courses is as follows: March to May, June to August, September to November, and December to February. The time to complete your course remains the same - just the window for registration is limited.

​The following group courses are open to individuals at the special rate of $30 per student plus text fee: 
​From June 1, 2015 to August 31, 2015:

​Click above on the course you are interested in to go to that course and the information about it on the EGA National website.


Online Studio Classes:

Online Studio Class: Autumn Jewels with Celeste Chalasani

Autumn Jewels

Pomegranates are a global symbol for prosperity, hope, and abundance.  In Autumn Jewels, you will learn essential Stumpwork techniques through EGA's Online Studio from national teacher Celeste Chalasani.  You will use both traditional and contemporary techniques to create your own Pomegranate Stumpwork panel, perfect for framing.

In a series of eight lessons spread out over nine weeks, students will explore essential Stumpwork techniques of wired slips, padded slips, and needle lace.  Celeste will demonstrate a variety of embroidery stitches and techniques through videos that students will have access to throughout the class.  Registration continues through July 27!

Online Studio Class: Guardian Angel with Sylvia Murariu Guardian Angel

Register now for this class.  No registrations accepted after July 6.

You are invited to explore the old art of Romanian Point Lace, a needle lace technique.  This lace may look intimidating at first, but you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to make. Through this course, you will enrich your stitching knowledge as well as your appreciation of this lovely needle lace art.

The design is traced on a piece of muslin, the crocheted cord (provided in the kit) is couched, or basted, onto the design, then lovely needle lace stitches are worked in the spaces created between the crocheted cords.  When finished, the lace is removed from the pattern which can then be reused.

Romanian Point Lace is not only a lot of fun but can be addictive!  After you finish your Guardian Angel, you will be eager to make more of these lace designs. The technique uses more than four hundred needle lace stitches and the learning process continues. By mistake, or by trying, you may create new stitches!  Join Sylvia Murariu on this needlelace journey!!

Individual Correspondence Course with Lois Kershner:

From Scene to Stitch: A Course in Design and Stitching for Perspective

From Scene to Stitch is a step-by-step course for those who wish to study and learn the elements that comprise a successfully designed and stitched landscape in canvas embroidery, while taking advantage of the one-on-one student-teacher conversation that an ICC offers. Unlike set projects, students work on their own unique project based on a landscape photo or sketch of their choosing.

Individual Correspondence Course with Shirley Kay Wolfersperger:

Chiaroscuro: Blackwork Patterning Theory

Chiaroscuro is a course on how to come up with your own personal patterns for blackwork, including how patterning works and where to find inspiration for original patterns. This is not a course that teaches fundamental blackwork. It is a course for diving more deeply into the study of blackwork. It is for stitchers looking for more in blackwork than they have seen before. You must already know and have done blackwork to get the most of your work here. Be prepared to be adventurous.

Joan Thomasson Workshops:
Joan Thomasson will be teaching 2 workshops in Southern California in early 
September. Ghosts are allowed in each class, but reservations are needed 
very soon. Please contact me if you're interested in pictures/descriptions 
of them. 

High Country Winter went to lottery at the EGA seminar in 2014 
and Safety Net features a picture of earth taken from the moon by 
NASA.....both are beautiful and special classes. Contact me BY EMAIL ONLY 
TO: _egangcorre@aol.com_ (