The education committee is working on upcoming projects for 2015 and will be making some announcements during the meeting. Here are some things to note.
  • BEE classes - most of the current BEE classes will be ending in the next month or two so keep stitching on those projects; we will begin voting during the March meeting for this year's courses.
  • 2015 UFO contest - please be sure to mark the database for projects completed in 2014 by Sunday at noon eastern time so we can determine the winners before the end of the meeting. We will begin the signup for UFO's you wish to finish during 2015 in the next few days so look over your stash and projects and think about your goals.
  • Stitch-a-Long (SAL) - there was great interest over the Florence Caufield designs and several people suggested we do a SAL this year with one of them. We will have a poll to pick the favorite design and then anyone interested can stitch with us; feel free to select your own technique (surface, canvas, shadowork, etc.), anything is open. We are discussing creating a contest from this project and will announce any details later.  Voting is taking place during the January meeting.
  • Goldwork Thistle - the last special class offered through the TVR grant will begin in February and the kits should be arriving soon. We will also setup the yahoo group in the next couple of weeks so you can begin discussing the project.
  • Cindy will be announcing a second special class for 2015 in the next few days with all the details, but I can tell you it will be a beadwork class.
  • National has announced a new online studio class called Patriotic Sparklers. Registration is open until Feb, 9 and the cost is $76 with an optional kit, check their website for details. The Embroiderers' Guild of America - The Embroiderers' Guild of America  
Local Regions and resources:
Cyberstitchers is officially a member of the Tennessee Valley Region of the EGA, but many of us are not able to attend the events and other opportunities offered in the region. What many members may not know is that you can often take part in events in the regions where you live even if you aren't a member of a local chapter. I live in Florida and I attended the Sun Region retreat earlier this year and took a class this month with a local chapter a couple of hours drive from me. Classes like this are offered to chapter members first, but if there is still room they will usually allow outside EGA members to participate. Take a look at the region website that is local for you and see what you might join in with. Region directory 


I have a proposal for 2015 that I think could be a lot of fun. Since our members are scattered all over we rarely get a chance to meet in person unless we go to the national conference. And we know that many of us are not able to do that very often. This is a great chapter and fills a need for people who can't join a F2F chapter; I'm thrilled I found it. But the purely online status does have the downside of little personal contact among members.

How many of you would be interested in meeting other members who live in your area? I know I would. Would you be interested in hosting a "Stitch In" for members who live within driving distance? If several people around the country would volunteer to organize a time and place for everyone within that area to get together and have some fun it would be a great time. It could be organized around a stitch in public day, etc. It could include stitching a chapter name tag, petite project or just time to work on UFOs. Since we anticipate the groups would be fairly small they could meet in a home or community clubhouse, etc. so the cost would be minimal, if any. 

The volunteer would find the location, negotiate rates at an area hotel if possible, or just provide a list of good hotels for those who come. What each group does is completely up to you; it can be as simple as just chatting and stitching for a couple of days or it can include trips to local stores, museums, etc. I think it would be fun if all the groups could post photos, etc. to the website and we could all get to know each other a little more. Also, I believe next year is our 15th anniversary so it might be fun to come up with a small project around that somehow.

What does everyone think?

Your Education committee:
Angela Farrington (Chair)
Ellen Sedlak
Cindy Steinhhoff
Meg Welch
Julie Baumler

GCC and ICC Courses:

The following GCCs are now retired: 
Brazilian Embroidery Purse - Ganet Burr
Floral Whimsy Necklace - Peggy Wright
Make a Joyful Stitch - IIse Altherr
One-of-a-Kind - IIse Altherr 

These Lightning Rounds may be signed up for through February 28, 2015:
Lady Larkspur
Dresden Kitty
Thanks Goodness It's Finished
Hummingbird & Honeysuckle

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