The education committee is composed of Anne Long, Ellen Hartman, and Rissa Peace Root.

The education committee presents the following report....

The budget for 2010 did include a BEE 7. We offered 11 GCC classes to the chapter for our members only. For the newer members of the chapter, BEE stands for "Big Education Event" and this has been our 7th year offering it! The chapter votes on which GCCs to offer - the 11 classes with the most votes are selected - and then each member has the opportunity to select 1 of the 11 classes to take for the cost of the text book alone. The chapter picks up the course fee and postage for you!

There will be a BEE in 2011. Stay tuned for when we will vote on the 2011 class choices.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Long
Education chair, CyberStitchers

Other sources for CCs:

Don't forget, there are CC's available to us inexpensively via Needle Arts magazine or online at the EGA website. On-line for November and December has been "Brazilian Embroidery Purse" and "Shading Stitches". Needle Arts for December-February 2001 is offering "Japanese Temari for Beginners" and "Summer Dream". Go to the EGA website under Education to find out more:

CyberStitcher's Own Projects

These are CyberStitcher's own products...just for us!

You can access these files at the URL:

I can't wait to see your projects in progress! Remember that this pieces are copyrighted. You may not share your downloaded file with anyone else!

Thanks again Celeste and Jeanne for you fabulous projects this year!

Meg in Uruguay

Petite Project:

The latest petite project has been uploaded to our yahoogroups website. The project is called "Tulip Bookmark" and was designed by Karen Anderson. This project was first presented to the chapter in 2002, but is being repeated because there are no newer petite projects available at this time, and to give an opportunity for our newer members to enjoy some of the 'classic' petite projects. :-) Instructions on how to save and print the petite projects is in the Files area of the petite project group. Here's the link to the petite projects group files:

The project instructions are in pdf (Adobe) format. You will find the pdf file in the folder labeled 'Current Petite Project' .
Enjoy the project!
Anne Long


BAM is Bead-a-Month and grew out of a SAM, Stitch-a-Month, program we purchased for several years. Our own Rissa picked up with BAM when SAM ran out of new files. All diagrams are maintained in the CS-Stitch-A-Month yahoogroup. Look in the Files section in the Folder labeled "Files for BAM". If you are not a member of the CS-Stitch-A-Month group but would like to be, send an email to:


We have a few stitch-a-long groups going now such as the ornament group, and a bead group. Please let Anne know if there is an interest in a group stitchalong, a small meeting stitchalong, or any other similar ideas you might have. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email.