Standing Committee Chairs

By-laws Mamie Ney
Compiles and maintains the chapter by-laws.
Community Outreach Chair Bonnie Herrmann
Encourage participation of all members in identified community projects. Work on chapter and national level to fulfill National outreach projects. Work with president on outreach aspect of President's Challenge each year.

Outreach Coordinators - Non-voting
Coordinates Bookmarks for Literacy

Education Angela Farrington
Provide educational opportunities to members to further enrich our knowledge of embroidery. Coordinate the courses and programs offered to members. Currently researching ways of incorporating stitching into meetings.
Historian Sue Sherburne
Maintain the history of the chapter, including collecting photos and memorials for members.
Membership Susan McAndrews
Track dues, member enrollment, and guest invitations. Deals with EGA National on all membership issues.
Marketing Open
Provide chapter publicity materials for posting by members locally. Work closely with Education Chairman to promote the founding aspects of EGA. Send information to Region and National about chapter happenings to get recognition by others of our chapter.
Newsletter Editor Sue Sherburne
Write, edit and publish newsletter four times a year to the chapter, web site, Region and National. Gather articles for the newsletter and items of interest.
Nominating Committee Susan Slesinger
Make nominations for elected positions. Write this person if you want to run for an office.