Executive Committee


President Meg Welch
Lead the chapter, sit as ex officio member on all committees, work closely with board of directors and members alike.  Encourage participation of all members in all aspects of the chapter.
Vice President Raven F.
Assist the president in leading CyberStitchers and meetings including general, board and executive meetings. Manage chapter mailing lists, meeting attendance and select door prizes. Other duties as assigned.
Secretary Wendi Girard
Attend all board meetings, executive meetings and general meetings. Take minutes and post them with corrections and amendments. Do all correspondence for the organization as requested by the president.
Treasurer Susan McAndrew
Keep the chapter accounts, expenses and income and report at each meeting. Prepare budget and annual report. Manage receipt of dues and membership reports to Region and National.
Internet Vice President Raven F.
Maintains and adds to the chapter website.
Webmaster Non-Voting Andreas W. 
Maintains and adds to the chapter website.
Assistant Internet VP Non-Voting Mary D. 
Maintains and adds to the chapter website in the absence of the chair.
Region Representative Fay Shaw
Represent the chapter at quarterly Region meetings. Publicize Region happenings to the chapter. Distribute Region handouts to the correct committees.
Alternate Region Representative Anne R.
The Alternate attends in case the Region Rep cannot. Shares the same vote as the Regional Rep.