CyberStitchers EGA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for CyberStitchers EGA is made up of three sub-groups.  The Executive Committee, the Standing Committee Chairs, and the Ad Hoc Committee Chairs.  Only the first two of these groups have voting privileges.
The members of the Board are:
President - Meg Welch
Vice President -  Peggy Ledger
Internet VP - Susan Simko
Secretary - Wendi Girard
Treasurer - Susan McAndrew
Membership Chair - Kathie Morrison
Newsletter - Sue Sherburne
Historian - Sue Sherburne
Education Chair - Angela Farrington
Marketing - Cynthia Wetzel
Outreach Chair - Bonnie Herrmann
Region Representative - Fay Shaw
Special Interest Groups Coordinator - Karen Willett
Doorprize Coordinator - Judy Cain and Denise Perkins
Chapter Pin Coordinator - Denise Perkins
Nominating Committee Chair - Susan Slesinger